Upon arrival you will be given a personal badge with which you can open the front door and the outer gate, the door of your room, the refrigerator and the pantry and you can access to the terraces.
It is a convenient and secure system. In case of loss, you can activate the copy immediately after disabling the original.


Thanks to the fast and unlimited Wi-Fi, you can connect permanently to the network anywhere throughout the hotel, including terraces.
You can work, study, have meetings, play games, and stream videos.


Rooms are cleaned once a week and towels and sheets are changed at the same time. The common areas are cleaned twice a week and sanitized regularly, ensuring a deep sanitization of the most sensitive points such as handles, doors and buttons.


In the house there is also a retractable laundry corner: a practical mini-space equipped with coin-operated washer and dryer, laundry baskets and shelves for detergents. The use is regulated by specific shifts and times that you will define with your roommates by booking your shift on a special board.